Bodybuilding - Whey isolates protien for women

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I work in software consultancy firm. I have great interest in shaping my body.

I am women and it is hard to balance the work life and other my activities. And in time find I time to reach the gym for the work out. I am practically working very seriously and nothing comes out seriously. My trainer saw my dilemma and suggests using the isolate whey protein.

After the two weeks of the usage it given it results in sharper way and more effectively. There are certain things that give greater results in the shorter period of time now it works more good.

There are lots products available in the market but this one gives ultimate results in very shorter period of time.

This is very serious and gives broader definition called results. Try this in once and result will as pure result without much problem and very easily in every day.

Review about: Whey Protein.

Bodybuilding - The products I ordered keep being placed on backorder or lost!

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I ordered several items from, they informed me one of the items was on back order but would be available soon. Instead of sending the rest of my items they have kept me waiting for over 2 weeks.

I checked their website and discovered the item on back order was available in another flavour! I contacted them first thing this morning and was assured that they would send all my items today, I have a printout from their customer service rep. stating this and they gave me an order number to check my order. Several hours later I check my order to discover it is on back order again!?!

I contact their customer service rep, and give them my order number, I was then told they can't find my order in their system?

This is unacceptable, I have never been jerked around like this by a reputable company before. I will never do business with these people again and will advise my peers not to as well.

Review about: Several.

Monetary Loss: $150.


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Get used to it , The who site is a sham . I have full blown aids and only 2 out 14 products work.

I tried to get my money back and a rep said ill be dead before I get my refund . Hows that for good biz.

Bodybuilding - identity theft slandering

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Well there is a hate group on the web site knows it too.I am hottgirl002 on . A very good web site .Some members of are steeling pictures and profiles from and other web sites and posting them on

When a friend told me my picture with the poff logo was on there I notified that site and they did not remove it .So that is identy theft and slandering me and other poeple that had there pictures stolen and posted there. they need to be sued.

I dont know how to go about its ,but there mainly targeting females, I giuse that would also make it a hate crime . If you or someone you know has a profile on a dating you should check out the forums on that web site and see if there steeling your identy too .

Review about: Identity Theft.



wow this chick is dumb AF!!!! lmao...

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Ive been a member for a long time . I do have full blown aids and that is why I am a member .Just a few products do work but the rest are not worth the money .Take from an aids patient . I have nothing to loose by lying.

Richardson, Texas, United States #586465

Im sorry hottgirl002. I was a pig ..

I was mad at the world becouse I am *** I was in love with mansion_baller .

When I found out he and Zyzz had aids it hurt me really bad . Please forgive me .


Yea ZYZZ died of aids . Its a shame, Ive only hooked up with him a few time times .

I was visiting moscow so we rented a private room. I know I have aids.I didnt get it from Zyzz becouse we both had it before we had sex the first time.


Im a gayy male body builder . It seems everyone one I make love to dies First Rick and now Zyzz . I am I going to be forever alone .


LOL.. ZYZZ is dead .

LOL I wounder witch misc forrum user will be next. I want to pee and *** on his grave.


I was just checking out my profile on BB.COM and I notice someone hackked my profile . Too many stalkers on there .

The people who have stalkers on there profile are inocent . has gotten bad .


Your right brandon. misc forrum users are so weak and stupidd .

They cant even spell .Most misc members are covering up there bisexuality by dowing us . Now we have a new securty system they cant take our pictures and post them on there forrum .


There just a bunch of losers. They are always posting pictures from our website .I dare them to do that me .

They dont have the ballls . There too weak and stupidd


I herd he really died of aids . Most of the misc are hiv+ .Thats why bodybiulding is just another way to keep fit.I know becouse im hiv+ too


ssj4veggeto1008 is NOMORE. Well thats carmma .

MISC MEMBERS hahahahahaha. scumm bags


We are a homosexuall group on No need to fear us . We beleave in rainbows kitty cats and gumdrops . We wellcome all homosexualls .


There misc forrum is full with yummie trolls. Mansion_baller aka mchenrycriuser is the yummiest.

Zyzzs was nasty and grose I spitt him out . He,s a has been .

a washed up misc member. A booger from my nose has more talent them him.


I ordered a pair od workout boots as an xmas gift. they waited two weeks until the day before Xmas to inform me the were out of stock, leaving me completely in the lurch. do not buy there they have no customer insight


We were miss led by the moderators of bisexual and we are truely sorry . So now we are going to troll on them as punishment


I eat *** and drink urin . I ate mansion_ballers *** right out of his buttt last night.jyeatbvg gave me a glass of his urin to wash it down.


I encourage everyone to boycot and tell everyone you know . If any of you have been getting *** movie offers sent to your email address its becouse has your addreses.

They are also responcable for the UPS shiping emails scam with viruses to steel vital info from your computers .

I also advise investors to pull out . Help put a stop to internet terror.Help protect children from getting narcotics from


Its a breeding group for taliban & aquata recurting .there anti american . some finaces from are used for that propose thats why they have off shore bank accounts.over a period of time they reserch there members in the misc section to see if they can be trusted in there terror group .

homeland security should look into it. if there not already doing it


As far as im concerned I have done my part by reporting and posting blogs about what happend so im NOT acused of something i didnt do. So its behind me now.

Im asuming the guy had some grudge with .

Knowing I had alot of pull on the internet he must have he could create some scuffle with them . Oh ill be in sector 25109 for the coucel meeting but the lexington and Qshoe on other asighnments , Thank again uss defiant


Tristan trouble . banned from for identy theft and promoting substance abuse.he has a new membership under a falce identy, Screen names mansion_baller + suntingvewywong , tristan trouble has a myspace profile .

He is 23 years old and lives in Riverside .He also has a hate program called tristan trouble podcast where he spreads rasism and hate. To anyone who wants to exspose him and his little crew and give him *** .

Use the info to do whith what ever want . Our tek is supior so dont even ask how we obtained this information

#118588 is a real hate group. I saw the video how they made a young boy commit sui. You think the fed goverment would have the balls to arrest them for murder and promoting drug use


@ clive .You didnt make any since at all. What dreams are you talking about ?. Why pitty me?.I have done nothing wrong.massion_baller of attacted me with no reason and there still doing it as we speak.Not to mention they agged some kid in to killing himself too, and watch him die on webcam , Ive done some research on the hate group and there is a class action lawsuit against they as well


The problem is your focusing on the things in life that don't really matter. When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams.

We all did. But over time, the daily grind gets in the way and you miss the things that really matter, even though they are right in front of you, staring you in the face. I think the next time you should ask yourself "Am I on the right track here?". I don't mean to be rude but people like you I really pity.

So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Good luck


what do you think clive. The hate group are trolls.Look it up on youtube trolls trollin


u mad?

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